Scrabble: The Musical

A Play On Words


A cult classic eleven years in the making, Scrabble: The Musical is the brainchild of Brighton-based composer, lyricist and auteur Paul Williams. His singular vision melds intricate wordplay with catchy musical numbers that tell the story of a Scrabble tournament gone horrible wrong. A tale of murder, intrigue, romance and bad puns, Scrabble: The Musical is ready to hit the stage in 2016.

For your listening pleasure

To whet your appetite for the full-on, unadulterated live theatrical experience of Scrabble: The Musical, here are a couple of demo tracks, recorded with the kind help of Chris Holloway, Abbi Jakeman and Bruce Wyatt, members of Worcester Operatic and Dramatic Society.

Track listing

A taste of how the show is structured, for all you Scrabble Heads who want to get ahead of the game and start learning the choruses early:

I'll Take You On
Game of Luck
I'm in Charge
Scrabble Underworld
All I Need is (a) U


What and Who and When and Why?
Davina's Dream
For the Love of the Game
Finale - Take You On (Reprise)

Get In Touch!

If you want to be involved in the musical, whether as a performer, orchestra member or just a hanger on - also if you wish to put on an amateur production please get in touch. The fee is usually £300,000